These 10+ ARMY Tweets About BTS’s Jungkook’s Hitting Puberty Get Funnier The More You Scroll Down

Why would #9 say something so controversial and yet so true?

Since BTS‘s Jungkook grew up literally in front of the eyes of a million ARMYs worldwide, it’s only natural for the fans to feel that they’re a part of something beautiful: his wonderful transformation from being a cute teenager…

…to being a fit, confident celebrity with the body of a Greek god, ever since puberty decided to repeatedly visit him.

Here are 10+ tweets that perfectly encapsulate how ARMYs feel about the maknae‘s consistent “growth spurts”.

1. Jin is a vampire and Jungkook…is not

2. Perfection should not be hidden, Jungkook

3. It’s like he never left the puberty station

4. Girls and boys and non-binary people — in short, practically everyone

5. Maybe puberty plays favorites

6. Puberty hit Jungkook as much as Jungkook hit Jimin

7. Both are equally cute, though

8. By thrice, did you mean a thousand times?

9. Jungkook = Jungshook

10. This is why we have trust issues

11. Both are equally pretty, but V takes the cake

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