ARMYs Are Unbelievably Hungry And Thirsty For BTS’s Jungkook’s Arms — Here Are 10+ Receipts, Your Honor

#10 asked the wrong question, don’t you think?

During this quarantine period, people aren’t only concerned about the possibility of food shortage — K-Pop fans, specifically, ARMYs, are concerned about the lack of BTS‘s Jungkook‘s arm exposure as well. 

After all, if this is what you’ve been accustomed to seeing for quite a while now, surely you’d miss it, too?

When all the gifs have been replayed for at least a hundred times…

…and all the pictures of Jungkook’s arms have been compiled, printed, laminated and framed in your rooms, the only thing left to do is wait and wish for more.

And this is exactly what these ARMYs are doing right now:

1. Quarantine for a month is easy…

…but no Jungkook’s arms for a year? That’s rough, buddy.

2. When will his arms make a comeback?

3. This picture belongs in a museum

4. Here are some scraps to help you ease your hunger for a while

5. When your imagination seems better than reality

6. He’s not just a snack, he’s a complete meal

7. Well, do you?

8. #ThrowbackThirstyTuesday

If you knew that it would take a while for the next arms exposure, you would have enjoyed this moment a little bit more.

9. Has it really been that long?

10. The right question is, “when are you not in the right head space to discuss?”

11. The struggle is real

12. Why would you attack ARMYs like that?

13. Guess it’s time to re-watch BTS interviews and games, then

14. What body part of Jungkook do you like the most?

ARMYs: Yes, please!

15. You know it’s bound to happen…

…but no amount of preparation will help you get ready for it when it finally does.

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