10 B-side Tracks By Stray Kids That Can Bring You Comfort

These B-Side tracks can bring you comfort when you’re down.

B-side tracks are opportunities for idols to explore and experiment on their personal group sound. In case you haven’t updated your playlist, here are 10 B-Side tracks by Stray Kids that can bring you comfort when you need it!

1. “Voices”

From their I am WHO mini album, “Voices” is a powerful song about overcoming fear and confinement. It talks about wanting to shut down everybody else’s opinion, sometimes including your own negative thoughts.

2. “Hero’s Soup”

“Hero’s Soup” is a b-side track from their I am YOU mini album which talks about relying on your dad when going through difficult moments in life.

3. “My Side”

Also from the I am YOU mini album, “My Side” is a powerful song with touching lyrics about relying on someone comfortably who has always been there for them.

4. “Grow Up”

“Grow Up” is part of their I am NOT album and is another powerful song that brings comfort as it talks about taking your time because you’re young.

5. “M.I.A”

“M.I.A” is part of their I am WHO album, and is a song about meeting someone who seem to have changed, and wanting the old version of them back.

6. “You can STAY”

From their Clé : LEVANTER album, fan song “You can STAY” is touching as it talks about being thankful towards their STAYs, and telling them they can rely on Stray Kids, rely and find their rest in them.

7. “Mixtape 3”

“Mixtape 3” from I am YOU is another comforting song about giving your best, working hard to achieve your goals, and that good things come to those who work hard. They also make sure to tell listeners that they are doing well.

8. “Chronosaurus”

“Chronosaurus” from Clé 1 : MIROH is a song that talks about wanting to break free, and continuing to push through despite the chalenges.

9. “Booster”

“Booster” is part of their Clé : LEVANTER mini album and is a song that can encourage you to push and work harder for your dreams.

10. “Insomnia”

“Insomnia” from their I am WHO album is a song that talks about insomnia and not being able to sleep at the right time, but instead wanting to sleep at moments when you have to be awake, at the same time expecting the same phenomena to happen every night.

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