Here Are 10 Beautiful And Super Talented Female Idols Born In 1998

They’re all super beautiful and talented!

With an overwhelming amount of talented idols in the industry, there are some that still manage to catch your eye even in the vast sea of ever-present talent! Here are 10 female idols born in 1998 that are sure to impress you with all their looks and talent!


1) IZ*ONE’s Sakura

IZ*ONE‘s Sakura originally debuted as a member of Japanese group HKT48(sister group of AKB48) in March 2012. One of the group’s ace members, she was selected as one of the members from AKB48 to join Produce 48, and consistently kept a high rank, finishing in 2nd place and making her debut with IZ*ONE in October 2018. Along with her gorgeous visuals, she’s an incredibly talented performer, and keeps improving with every single comeback, showing how dedicated she is!



GFRIEND‘s SinB is the group’s charismatic main dancer and is known for her especially sharp moves in a group famous for its immensely competent dancers. She used to be a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment, where she stayed for 5 years, and eventually moved to Source Music Entertainment, where she made her debut with GFRIEND in 2015. Her performance skills are highly praised, and fans also love her fun personality and beautiful visuals!


3) TWICE’s Dahyun

TWICE‘s Dahyun gained attention when she was in the sixth grade for her eye-catching “eagle dance” that went viral on YouTube. She subsequently joined JYP Entertainment when she was 14 years old in 2012, and participated in the survival show SIXTEEN, which would determine TWICE’s lineup. She eventually made her debut with TWICE in 2015, and fans have been falling for her charms and talents ever since!


4) (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon has appeared on several survival shows! She’s joined shows such as Produce 101 and Unpretty Rapstar 3, after which she ultimately signed an artist contract with CUBE Entertainment. First debuting as a solo artist in 2017 with the singles “Jelly” and “Idle Song”, she ended up re-debuting in (G)I-DLE as their leader and main rapper in 2018! She brings a kind of versatility that’s almost a trademark of her, and fans are in awe of her incredible talent and fierce visuals!



EVERGLOW‘s E:U debuted in 2019 as the leader, main rapper and main dancer of the group! She modeled for the brand STARE shoes pre-debut, and ultimately joined Yuehua Entertainment as an idol trainee. She’s known for her strong rapping and dancing skills, and though small in stature, packs quite a punch in her performances!


6) Lovelyz’s Yein

Lovelyz‘s Yein is the group’s lovely maknae! Initially a JYP Entertainment trainee, she joined Woollim Entertainment in 2014, and debuted in late November 2014 as a member of Lovelyz. She specializes in dance, and has learned multiple dance forms such as ballet, and traditional as well as modern dance. She’s notable for her dance skills, with her contemporary dance performance in Queendom gaining her the most praise recently.


7) HINAPIA’s Eunwoo

Eunwoo became a Pledis Entertainment trainee in 2013, and participated in Produce 101, but was unfortunately eliminated. She then debuted in Pristin in 2017, and then re-debuted as a member of HINAPIA in 2019. As the main vocalist of the group, Eunwoo is loved for her vocal abilities, and is also loved for her hilarious and adorable personality!


8) CLC’s Yeeun

CLC‘s Yeeun debuted with CLC in 2015 as their main rapper and lead dancer. She’s known for her unique rap tone, and is loved for her fierce stage presence and contrasting super sweet personality!


9) Kyulkyung

Kyulkyung joined Pledis Entertainment in 2009, and became a trainee under the agency soon. She then participated in Produce 101 in 2016, eventually taking sixth place overall, and debuted with IOI the following year. With the conclusion of IOI’s activities in 2017, Kyulkyung re-debuted with Pristin in the same year, and promoted with them until he group’s disbandment in 2019. Kyulkyung is currently promoting as a solo artist.


10) WJSN’s Cheng Xiao

WJSN‘s Cheng Xiao became a trainee when she was 16 years old. Originally a JYP Entertainment trainee, she soon moved to Starship Entertainment and debuted as the main dancer and visual of the group. Fans love her adorable personality and incredible dancing talent, and her visuals are an added bonus!