Lovelyz’s Yein Deeply Impresses In Recent “Queendom” Performance

A newer, more mature side of Yein was also introduced to fans!

Lovelyz‘s Yein has been stealing hearts all over the internet with her latest Queendom performance!


On the October 10 episode of Queendom, the assigned vocal and dance units all  delivered stellar performances of their sets. While fans raved over all performances, Lovelyz’s maknae Yein garnered much hype for her dance performance and stunning visuals that accompanied it!



Yein prepared a modern dance performance, and fans were struck dumb with the skill and finesse she possesed, giving the performance an almost ethereal feel to it:



As Lovelyz is well-known for their purer image, fans were pleasantly surprised to see this edgier, sexier side of Yein that she’s introduced to fans with the stages she’s shown on Queendom.





Fans have been tweeting constantly about Yein’s dance performance, enthralled by the quality to which she delivered:




Watch the entire dance unit performance here!