Lee Mijoo’s Gorgeous Older Sister Makes TV Debut For The First Time
Visuals run in the family.
Lovelyz Performs Together For The First Time In Three Years And Everyone Is Emotional
Everyone was emotional.
Lee Mijoo Gets Harsh Backlash For Sharing Her Dangerous Diet
No one should try to mimic her diet.
3rd Generation K-Pop Idol Shocks Hosts By Openly Asking A Highly Sexual Question
They didn’t know how to respond.
What Happened To Her? — The Legendary Woollim Entertainment Trainee Who Never Debuted With Lovelyz
Do you remember her?
Popular Female Idol Shocks Netizens With Her Earnings From New Unexpected Career
“If that’s the amount for 4 hours, the actual earnings must be incredible…”
GOT7’s BamBam Admits He Felt “Embarrassed” At Being Paired Up With Lovelyz’s Sujeong In 2014 Collaboration
He explained his honest thoughts.
3rd Generation Idol Gains Attention For Unreal Proportions That Make Her Look Taller Than She Is
You’ll never guess her true height.
Former Lovelyz Mijoo’s Agency Banned Her From Speaking & Laughing
“I wanted to do more, but they didn’t let me.”
Mijoo To Make Solo Debut After Nine Years With “MOVIE STAR”
We’re excited for her solo music!
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