10 Of The Best Idol Interactions On “The Fishermen And The City” That Everyone Needs To See

Maybe they *could* form their own group one day!

On August 12, a brand new episode of The Fishermen And The City was released, with thousands of K-Pop fans around the world excited to see some of their favorite idols hang out together once more.

During the broadcast, AB6IX‘s Woojin, ATEEZ‘s Yunho, Block B‘s Jaehyo, Stray KidsLee Know, THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon, and soloists Ha Sungwoon and Kim Wooseok had the task of trying to catch the biggest fish. Despite the fact that they were technically competing against each other, the atmosphere was friendly and fun!

So, let’s take a look at 10 of the best idol interactions from the entire broadcast:

1. When A New Unit Was Formed

At the very beginning, host Lee Deokhwa shook hands with each guest and showered them with compliments. He was quite surprised to find out that the boys weren’t actually in the same group, and mentioned that they should be, as they’d be the perfect combination of visuals!

2. When ATEEZ’s Yunho and Stray Kids’ Lee Know Became Partners In Crime…

A little while later, Yunho and Lee Know were teamed up in order to help each other out with a net when necessary. Yunho immediately admitted that he’s been practicing fishing in the sea, so it was unfortunate that they were going freshwater fishing!

He then turned to Lee Know and asked about his fishing experience, to which the boy responded, “I’ve tried fishing before, but I haven’t caught anything!”

3. And Then They Succeeded

Against all odds, the two ended up being a perfect match! Their synergy was practically perfect, and Yunho was easily able to rush to Lee Know’s side in order to help him reel a big fish in.

4. When Everyone Cheered For THE BOYZ’s Juyeon (Even The Staff!)

As Juyeon continued to focus as hard as he could on catching something, one of the PDs asked what his last name was, as they couldn’t remember. Once he responded, they started up a group cheer for Juyeon, with all of the idols and staff members eventually joining in!

5. When Kim Wooseok Pet Ha Sungwoon With His Net

In order to support his friend, Wooseok gave Sungwoon a quick tap on the shoulder with the net in his hands! For those who don’t know, the two actually went to the same university, which is why they seem so close.

6. When AB6IX’s Woojin Tried His Best To Help Stray Kids’ Lee Know But…

Woojin is a natural comedian, and he definitely proved it when he attempted to come to Lee Know’s aid. Although his initial reaction time was impressive, Woojin took a little too long to realize that his sunglasses were making it more difficult for him to see the fish!

7. When Block B’s Jaehyo Called On ATEEZ’s Yunho For Assistance

As soon as Jaehyo hooked a big one, he immediately called out for his company junior, Yunho! Fans love how the two appeared to form a bond through their time at KQ Entertainment.

8. When Ha Sungwoon Finally Became “Hyung” To AB6IX’s Woojin

Throughout the episode, many found it funny that Woojin had spoken pretty casually with Sungwoon, but immediately changed over to Sungwoon “Hyung” as soon as he helped him with a catch!

9. When Everyone Was Impressed With Kim Wooseok’s Fishing Skills

Wooseok took it easy for a majority of the broadcast, as he had already caught two pretty big fish before they even started filming! So, when he ended up trying again and quickly felt a nibble, the other guys were seriously shook! At least they *were* shook, until Wooseok’s fish became ‘the one that got away’.

10. When THE BOYZ’s Juyeon and Stray Kids’ Lee Know Laughed Together

It’s the little things that really show how close two people are, and STAYs and Deobis just couldn’t get over how adorable it was when Lee Know’s head fit like a puzzle piece on Juyeon’s shoulder!

Which moment was your favorite?