Here Are The 10 Best Moments From BTS’s Fun Packed “7-Second Interviews”

BTS being BTS, as always.

On August 23, BTS shared on their YouTube channel a brand new “7-Second Interviews” video — in which members tried to tackle questions in under 7 seconds! In the process of battling the buzzer, they created these 10 UWU-worthy moments that cannot be missed. Attention please!

1. No, no… RM is thinking.

The video did not freeze. He’s not buffering mid-yawn.

2. Always try to catch Jungkook off guard…

… because it throws him into auto aegyo mode.

3. Hi, hello. Meet Suga the Cat.

Watch him stretch his tiny paws. (Definitely not what is happening.)

4. Come be blessed by J-Hope sprinkling his sunbeams.

That’s 7 years good luck for you!

5. RM doesn’t always show aegyo…

… but when he does, oh he does.

6. Here’s the denim-on-denim fashion getting the full promo.

Thank you, Jimin. Take us back to the 90s.

7. The only GIF that will matter from hereon after:

Jin is a natural. Just our Worldwide Handsome being worldwide handsome!

8. Jungkook did what? HE WHAT?? NO, COME BACK!!!

The way Suga left us hanging is criminal.

9. Today’s breaking news: Jin carries a spoon in his bag. Unused.

We don’t know how, when, and why this information would be useful. But it will be.

10. Is this the new K-Pop heart?

Welp. (Copies V.)

Watch the full interview below: