10 Best Moments Of “Weekly Idol” That Fans Will Never Forget

An appreciation of Doni, Coni, and their many many hilarious guests

Weekly Idol resident MCs Defconn and Jung Hyeon-don (otherwise known as Doni and Coni) are leaving the show next month. In appreciation of their nearly seven years hosting, here are ten of the funniest moments from Weekly Idol.

1. SECHSKIES and the Apple

Things start with two first generation idols and an apple and go downhill (literally) from there.


2. Heechul Comes Face to Face With the Love of his Life

In this clip, you can literally watch as Superjunior’s Heechul falls in love with Momo from Twice.



3. IU Laughs

IU gets hit by the rubber hammer so hard all she can do is laugh hysterically, which, ironically, is pretty hysterical.


4. Girls Generation vs. Earthworms

Final Score: Worms 5, Girls Generation 3, Viewers fifty bajillion because this was awesome.


5. EXO at the Opera

Did you know the boys from EXO can sing high? Now you do.


6. Everybody Loves Woozi

Seventeen’s Woozi is quite kissable.


7. Teen Top Kick

The producers changed the rules of ‘Random Dance Play’ solely because of Teen Top.


8. Red Velvet does the splits

One of the members of Red Velvet can do the splits very well. That members is not Seulgi.


9. Blindfolded Feeding

Food is presented to EXID’s Hani… and she eats some of it.


10. BIGBANG Aegyo

The title says it all – watch the boys from BIGBANG act as cute as possible.


Did your favorite Weekly Idol moment make the list??

Source: Joongang Daily
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