10 Of BTS V’s Most Unforgettable Hairstyles Since Debut

Classic V hairstyles.

Since his debut, V has had a lot of chances to change up his look. With a simple hair transformation, V can go from cute to super sexy. Since he’s had some time to perfect his hair game, here are some of his most unforgettable hairstyles since his debut!


1. Wavy Wisps

Your eyes can’t help but be drawn to V in BTS’s “DNA” music video. There is no denying that he looks really good with his hair styled in waves and dyed a moonlight silver.


2. Red Rave

V can pull off any hair color. He rocked this reddish-orangish color for the “Save Me” music video.


3. Green Highlights

This green highlighted look was featured in the music video for “Run”. The hint of color really draws attention to V’s gorgeous brown eyes.


4. Skool Luv Affair

This fiery orange hair was featured in a number of BTS’s music videos during the group’s Skool Luv Affair era. It’s easy to see why the group decided not to change up the look.


5. Sandy

While V looks good in any color, this sandy blond was especially attractive on him.


6. Princely Purple

The purple hair concept for “War Of Hormone” was a fan favorite. Fans begged for the look to make a reappearance once the concept was over. The princely purple really does suit him, so it’s really no wonder why it’s so popular!


7. Hwarang

While not strictly his real hair, there is no denying that V looks hella handsome with long black locks.


8. Cutie

With his hair tied in a small ponytail, V is just too adorable for words!


9. Blond Hair

Bleach blond? No problem! There is just something undeniably attractive about V with blond hair.


10. You Never Walk Alone

V with brown hair and his signature headband? Yes, please! He looked super sexy for this photoshoot!


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