10 Chaotic Moments From BTS Jin’s New YouTube Show ARMYs Can’t Miss Out On

Mind you, this is with just two episodes out.

BTS Jin‘s new show, “Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey,” released two episodes on YouTube on November 12, KST. As the name suggests, the show follows Jin’s journey of learning how to make traditional alcohol. He is joined by celebrity chef Baek Jong Won and the veteran Korean alcohol artisan Park Rok Dam.

from left to right) Jin, chef Baek, and Park Rok Dam | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Though the content is educational at heart, it is brimmed with chaotic and entertaining moments as well. Here are 10 of the most amusing of those moments that will leave you wanting for more:

1. Jin’s scheme to get free meat:

Episode 1 kicked off with a phone conversation between chef Baek and Jin, where the chef told him he was preparing to open a butcher shop. Jin immediately hopped on the opportunity to ask if he could get free meat at the shop if he told them he knew chef Baek personally. The endeared chef melted at his antics right there.

2. When Jin welcomed chef Baek with a unique red carpet:

While waiting for chef Baek to arrive, Jin thought of ways to give him a grand welcome. His solution? Using his jacket as a red carpet.

3. Jin’s signature icebreaker:

The first thing Jin asked the revered traditional alcohol-making expert was this essential question- “Do you play games?” The man was too stunned to speak.

4. When the apprentice became the master:

Chief Park Ro Dam might be the country’s number one alcohol-making master, but Jin, the veteran idol, is not afraid to teach him about camera angles.

5. When chief Park’s story made Jin spit out his rice:

Jin and chef Baek were busy snacking on the sticky rice while it was laid out to cool down for the next step of alcohol-making. Chief Park then told them that women in the old days would keep a watch from inside their houses while the rice was laid out to cool outside because people would secretly eat bits from the rice, just like Jin and chef Baek. At this, Jin spat out the rice immediately but put it back in his mouth again at chef Baek’s reassurance.

6. Chef Baek and chief Park’s diss moment:

Chief Park decided to cause problems on purpose and told Jin, “People who like alcohol, like Mr. Baek, die early.” Chef Baek was stunned by this unprompted attack for a second before he hit back, saying, “If you don’t drink, your nerves will die.” The student Jin, distressed by this sudden beef, couldn’t help asking, “Are you two going to just criticize each other today?”

7. Jin’s eccentric bathroom reveal:

A giant floatie, a kids’ shower, a huge white tub with an earthen clay pot in the middle for fermenting alcohol—his bathroom is built like a renaissance painting.

8. “Do you know BTS?” vs. “Do you know Mr. Baek?”

Jin challenged chef Baek in a popularity contest. His idea was that the two go to the local market and ask the vendors and ask if they knew BTS and Mr. Baek. Though viewers need to wait till the next episode to see who won, from the episode preview, it looked like Jin was already regretting the idea since the middle-aged vendors at local markets are the core of chef Baek’s audience demographic.

9. Chef Baek’s anti-Jin menu:

The popularity contest came with the condition that the loser would cook for the winner. Chef Baek started reciting his menu, which was mostly potato-based. But why? Because Jin is allergic to potatoes.

10. “I’m your father”:

Jin was caught in 4K admitting that he has a child. The child in question being the character of Wootteo.