10 Most Chaotic Moments From BTS Jungkook’s Weverse Live That You Need To See

#3 definitely destroyed some lives.

On February 2, KST, BTS‘s Jungkook surprised fans with a live broadcast on Weverse after months of being MIA.

With a glass of beer and mic in his hand, the golden maknae kept ARMYs entertained with many chaotic and iconic moments throughout. Check out our top 10 picks:

1. When he shared a significant detail about Bam

During the live, Jungkook was joined by his beloved pet dog Bam. It was a heartwarming sight to see how he adored his pet with so much love and softness. And then he revealed that Bam is a heavy pooper and that he takes care of his post-poop business all the time.

Some “I wish I were a dog” comments were spotted in the wilderness afterward.

2. “Dim sum”

Jungkook was taking song requests as usual when he decided to sing Taeyang‘s “VIBE” featuring Jimin. While listening to the karaoke track, Jungkook revealed that when V heard the song the first time, he thought Taeyang was singing “This gon’ be the one and only dim sum” instead of “This gon’ be the one and only theme song.

Put your hands up if you also would never be able to hear the correct lyrics again.

3. “Okay, let’s date”

When he read a comment that said, “If you breathe, we’re dating,” Jungkook decided to give all his indulgence and replied, “Okay, let’s date.” He then decided to garnish it with the classic “From today, it’s our first day” line. And that’s how we got a brand new episode of “How to fuel delusions 101 featuring BTS Jungkook”.

4. Explaining his need for beer

At one point during the live, Jungkook said he wants to be reincarnated as a rock so that he could enjoy doing nothing. He then took the analogy further to explain why he is drinking beer during the live. Just as rocks need to absorb rain to keep from cracking, he also needs a beer from time to time.

Irrefutable points were made.

5. Missing “Yoongi marry me” comments

If you thought BTS members are tired of the cliched comment by now, Jungkook just proved you very wrong.

6. Getting a “JK marry me” comment from RM

The BTS leader took it upon himself to make sure Jungkook didn’t miss out on the marriage proposals.

He also made sure to spam the comments with his drunk randomness, which ended on a wholesome note.

7. Offering to show his back *collective wild gasp*

When a comment asked if he has any back tattoos, Jungkook said he doesn’t have tattoos anywhere except his right arm. The reply came with a tempting offer to show his back.

Though it was a rhetorical question, you can’t blame the minor meltdowns it caused among fans.

8. Drunk confessing his love for RM

After RM’s spamming spree, Jungkook went into his “I love Namjoon hyung” zone and confessed that he probably would be lost without the man, given that he joined BIGHIT Music because of him.

9. “Daechwita” Remix

Ended every DJ’s career on a drunk live with reprised lyrics of Suga‘s “Daechwita.”

10. V’s FOMO in the comments

V joined the comment section, asking why Jungkook wasn’t asleep yet. But soon enough, his FOMO kicked in, and he proposed a double-live on Instagram. Minutes later, Jungkook agreed to the idea and ended the live, only to start attempting to do a joint live with V on Instagram. And that’s how society got its long awaited TaeKook live.