Here Are 10 Of The Cheesiest STAY Reactions To Stray Kids’ New “CHEESE” Preview

Okay, who else is hungry?

On August 2, Stray Kids released a preview for “CHEESE”, one of the B-sides of their upcoming album NOEASY.

As soon as it came out, STAYS everywhere began to share their thoughts on social media, with new memes arising from the minute-long video! So, let’s take a look at 10 of the most hilarious (or should we say CHEESY) reactions to Stray Kids’ “CHEESE”:

1. This STAY *really* had us in the first half!

2. And this STAY made “CHEESE” front page news!

3. This STAY gave a shoutout to all of the lactose-intolerant multis out there!

4. And this STAY has us craving some Domino’s Cheesy Bread!

5. This STAY took “CHEESE” a little too seriously!

6. And this STAY is a little confused, but they’ve got the spirit!

7. This STAY has us questioning Bang Chan’s age!

8. And this STAY is happy that Lee Know finally got something to eat!

9. This STAY saved Hyunjin from falling!

10. And this STAY has it all figured out!

Are you excited for Stray Kids’ August comeback?

Stray Kids

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