The 10 Most Insane, Craziest Rumors Ever Spread About TWICE

Here are some of the most popular rumors that have gone around involving TWICE!

1. Nayeon’s plastic surgery rumor

A pre-debut photo that made Nayeon’s nose look quite different from her nose now had circulated the internet and brought about Nayeon’s plastic surgery rumors.

However, additional photos from the same event later proved that her nose was exactly the same and that she was just as beautiful pre-debut as she is now!

Other pre-debut photos confirmed this fact as well!

2. Nayeon’s dating rumors

Fans had suspected that Nayeon and BTS’ Jungkook were dating after a series of glance exchanges…

…some dance moves… and the moment when Jungkook was overly excited Nayeon’s wrestling match victory. Despite claims by some shippers, these are all simply speculations!

3. Tzuyu’s casting rumor

It was rumored that a JYP employee flew all the way to Taiwan to see Tzuyu after hearing about her. Tzuyu later clarified on a broadcast that they didn’t actually fly to Taiwan to see her, but that she was simply cast at her dance studio.

4. Nayeon’s bullying rumor

A list of instances which “proved” that Nayeon was bullying Dahyun created this rumor. Some of these instances include when Nayeon took Chaeyeong away so that Dahyun had to follow behind (she was just tapping Chaeyoung saying ‘good job’)…

…the time they were supposedly supposed to hold hands but Nayeon ignored Dahyun (they weren’t supposed to hold hands)…

…or the time Nayeon had left out Dahyun on her list of girl crushes (she accidentally wrote Momo twice). These misunderstandings were all debunked by fans later!

5. Sana’s dating rumor

A post on a Korean online community that went viral claimed that Sana was dating BTS’ Jin with a list of “proof”. Some of these include the fact that Jin’s ideal type is someone who looks and has a personality like a puppy, someone who is nice and good at cooking, all of which apparently match Sana.

They also had the same expression on photos.

And were apparently “flirting ” with each other. Most of the people laughed off the “evidence” as simply a few instances of their interactions but some shippers still hope they will be together one day!

6. Nayeon’s other dating rumor

A girl on Twitter had claimed that she is following an account on Instagram that is supposedly Nayeon’s best friend account with BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo. The account apparently posted unreleased photos of Nayeon and many pictures and videos of GOT7’s Yugyeom. Nayeon had supposedly also talked about Yugyeom frequently on the account.

7. TWICE’s gay rumor

These rumors have come up due to the numerous times TWICE members had intimate interactions. They are famous for their excellent teamwork and close relationships but sometimes their expressions of love can be quite embarrassing to watch!

8. Jeongyeon’s hate rumor

There was a rumor started by a thread that Jeongyeon doesn’t like BTS’ Jimin. There were a few instances of their interaction that “proved” this but everything is just speculation!

9. Jeongyeon’s dating rumor

Some believe that Jeongyeon is dating BTS’ Suga due to a few photos. The photos show a man, who some say looks like Suga, handing something to Jeongyeon. While rumors spread that the two could possibly be dating, it’s clear that the man was just a staff member and not Suga.

10. Somi joining TWICE rumor

Following the release of their song “1 to 10” in TWICE’s TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 album, some fans believed it was a hint that they would be adding former SIXTEEN contestant and current JYP Entertainment trainee Jeon Somi to the group. However, this was not the case, and while they have all stayed good friends and labelmates, there is no indication TWICE will ever have a lineup change.