10+ Of The Most Creative Edits To Come Out Of NCT 127’s “Sticker” Mood Sampler

K-fans and I-fans never miss an opportunity to have some fun!

NCT 127 dropped their “mood sampler” for their upcoming album Sticker earlier today and NCTzens were quick to put their editing skills to work!

The video shows the nine members in front of a solid, bright green background—basically a green screen. Fans took full advantage of this to edit the group in the most hilarious, unexpected places! The word “chromakey,” the technique of digitally editing a video using a solid color background, even trended in Korea!

Trending topic #2 is “Chromakey.” | @NctGlobalStream/Twitter

NCTzens even turned it into a challenge, using the hashtag #일이칠크로마키따기챌린지 (#127ChromaKeyingChallenge) to share their videos. Here’s a list of 20 of the funniest edits!

1. Going to KWANGYA

2. Naevis Calling~

3. To the world! This is NCT!

4. A trip to the amusement park

5. Lee Soo Man Is Always Watching

6. 127 On Penthouse?

7. Got lost on the way to KWANGYA

8. NCT 127 And The Chocolate Factory

9. School Fieldtrip

10. The Teletubbies, now featuring NCT

11. Avengers Assemble

12. I don’t remember this from Endgame

13. Is this Heaven…?

14. Bella! Where the heck have you been, loca?

15. NCT 127 in Bikini Bottom

16. Kind of sus…

17. Spongebob, we’re outside

18. Welcome To My Playground

19. Rain. On. Me.

20. Let me introduce you to some new thangs

Bonus: Get off my porch

Explicit language ahead! Consider yourselves warned…

NCT 127’s album Sticker will be released on September 17!

Source: Featured Image and NCT 127