10 Of The Cutest Moments From Episode 3 Of ITZY’s IT’z PLAYTIME

It was just so adorable!

On Hello82‘s YouTube channel, ITZY has a new series called IT’z PLAYTIME, which sees the members interacting with children in different activities.

In the most recent episode, the ITZY members had makeovers done by some of the children, and it was full of cuteness!

Here are some of the cutest moments of ITZY’s IT’z PLAYTIME episode 3!

1. When Yuna and Sienne bonded over their favorite color.

Everyone loves a bit of pink!

2. Ryujin took her role as Aella’s assistant seriously!

Peeling small stickers is hard work for anyone.

3. When Chloe appreciated Lia’s beauty saying she looked like a rose.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

4. Lia being entranced by Layna’s cuteness!

The interactions are way too adorable to handle!

5. Chaeryeong proved that she was not just any cat!

Sorry, but she is actually a princess cat.

6. Yuna revealed her dream to be a princess.

She is definitely the fairest of them all!

7. When Yeji’s attempts to persuade Lily to pick the simplest outfit failed, she got the complete opposite style.

Sometimes, you cannot get what you always wish for!


8. Lia deciding to use Chloe’s look as future inspiration for her stages!

It looks like Chloe might have a future as a makeup artist.

9. Yuna making sure to hire Sienna for ITZY’s next album shoot!

Is Sienna free for their next comeback?

10. When ITZY and the kids all slayed the Hello82 Runway as if they owned it!

What better way to end a day of makeovers than with a picture-perfect catwalk?




Make sure to watch the whole episode on Hello82‘s YouTube!