10+ Cutest Moments Between Red Velvet’s Seulgi And Irene To Put A Smile On Your Face Today

#3 is proof that Seulgi couldn’t say no to Irene.

Red Velvet‘s Irene and Seulgi have a close friendship with each other, considering that the two have known each other for more than a decade now — with Seulgi joining SM Entertainment in 2007 and Irene in 2009.

Seulgi even shared that there was a period when only she and Irene were the female trainees left in the agency, so they’re bound to form a deep friendship that stemmed from constantly relying on each other.

Maybe this is the reason why the two love hanging out with each other and making each other laugh, especially when Seulgi playfully teases Irene every chance she’s given.

Fans also love it whenever these two interact because they usually have a cute and lighthearted moment that’s full of smiles and big grins — check out these 10+ moments between Irene and Seulgi and see for yourself:

1. A reward for her aegyo 

2. The stare that spoke volumes

3. Only true friends can do this

4. Seulgi loves cuddling

5. The synchronicity between the two is astounding

6. A back-hug is always a good idea

7. Filter #1

8. Filter #2

9. Such a soft moment between this duo

10. Irene laughs so hard whenever she’s with Seulgi…

11. …right?

12. And it’s so cute, because Irene makes Seulgi laugh, too

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