15 Photos That Reveal The Dramatic Height Difference Between Red Velvet’s Joy And Irene

Joy’s a head taller than Irene — even though it’s only 4 inches: it’s so obvious, especially at #7.

It’s common fact that the members of Red Velvet are all so adorable…and also a bit “smol”.

Check out this picture between the girls and Girls’ Generation Sooyoung taken at an amusement park, for example.

And while their petite height adds to their overall appeal, fans can’t help but notice the height differences between Joy (5 ft 6 in) and the other members…

…like the group’s leader Irene which stands at around 5 ft 2 in.

Even though the difference between the heights of the two members is just four inches, you’d be able to see their dramatic height difference by checking out these adorable photos below.

1. Heart sisters

2. Both looking gorgeous in black

3. Sharing ice cream with each other

4. Completing a big heart

5. Black-and-white couple outfits

6. Cheerleaders in the group

7. Looking like the most adorable twins

8. Casual outfits while shopping together

9. They both look perfectly unique

10. Irene’s “smol” but she can make Joy give out a big smile

11. Stunning duo…

12. …in contrast to these two giggling beauties

13. Their cute height difference is used as a concept in their photo-shoots, too

14. Taking care of her unnie 

15. It’s so considerate and cute of Joy to bend her body for this photo

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