10+ Glorious Moments Of Red Velvet’s Irene Winking And Flirting With You During Quarantine

Irene went viral and made everyone’s hearts flutter at #8, but #11 will make you thirsty.

Red Velvet‘s Irene seems like she’s highly capable of doing anything. First of all, her outstanding visuals can make even the coldest heart flutter just by looking at her.

Also, her voice has a wide vocal range, and whenever she performs their songs, you can tell that she really projects her emotions into it.

And of course, like the standard with all K-Pop idols, Irene has successfully proven that she can dance and perform her heart out when the situation calls for it.

Now, even though Irene is a triple threat: beauty, brains and talent, according to her, there’s one thing she can’t do.

She says she can’t really wink, but why don’t you take a look at these glorious moments of flirty Irene below and let us know what you think after?

You’re welcome.

1. Killer wink in the end

2. Fetus Irene with blond hair and hyperactive charms

3. Dainty and elegant wink from a goddess

4. Bright Irene to playfully tease you

5. Irene giving her best to squeeze out a wink

6. Aegyo + wink is a dangerous combo

7. This must be what UwU actually looks like

8. The gif that went viral in Korea

9. A moment of silence for the cameraman who captured this moment

10. Is this a K-Pop idol or a magical fairy?

11. …are you still okay?

12. The winning strike

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