10+ Times Red Velvet’s Irene Styled Her Hair In A Ponytail And Transformed Into A Gorgeous Doll

#6 look slayed us all, and we all wish we could look as good as #10.

Known by her nickname as the “Goddess of Daegu”, Red Velvet‘s Irene proves that she can rock any hairstyle and make it her own.

And while her usual hairstyle of letting her hair down is an amazing look on her…

…sometimes, when Irene’s in the mood for a more ponytail-themed look, she never disappoints her fans because she looks just as good!

Check out these outstanding pictures of Irene looking like the perfect doll below:

1. Pretty ponytail in pink

2. Checkered top with denim — ideal look for a picnic date

3. Irene’s an actual angel, inside and out

4. This look successfully set the stage on fire

5. How can anyone look like a perfect doll while wearing a casual jacket?

6. High ponytail with a side-fringe to bring out her visuals

7. A doll or a goddess? She looks perfect either way

8. This is what every girl achieves to look like when you say “girlfriend look”

9. Sporty Irene with a dainty ribbon to balance her whole look

10. You will never be ready for low ponytail Irene — it’s too deadly

11. Girl-next-door look used in an airport fashion setting

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