10+ Devilishly Sexy Photos Of MAMAMOO’s Solar’s Glorious Abs That’ll Successfully Quench Your Thirst For At Least Two Minutes

Looking at #7 makes you feel like you could actually touch it.

As soon as you say the words “MAMAMOO” and “sexy” together, the first member who may dominate your mind is their maknaeHwasa, because of her nickname as “Fatal Hwasa”.

But did you know that their leader Solar is also a wonderfully sexy goddess?

What’s sexy about Solar is her dedication and determination to perfecting her craft — may it be in the form of dancing…

…performing on stage…

or even exercising hard so she can achieve her dream body.

And just by looking at her toned abs, you’d be pretty convinced that Solar was able to successfully achieve her dream body.

Don’t just settle for one picture, though — here are 10+ more for your viewing pleasure:

1. Blue tube top, long curly hair and hoop earrings for chill beach vibes

2. Looking sinfully sexy in an all-black outfit

3. Um, Oh, Abs, Yeah

4. Red lipstick and red tube top for that “femme fatale” expression

5. She can wear any color she wants — her abs will still be the key point of this photo

6. Dangerously gorgeous in an all-white outfit

You can also see her milky skin shine through, together with her prominent abs.

7. Too close to handle

8. A sensual dance move for an alluring performance

9. How can she look so effortlessly gorgeous in a plain black top?

10. All her pictures have toned abs, but this one takes the cake

11. S in Solar stands for S-line

12. She may be pouting, but her abs look pleased since they’re exposed

Solar’s powerful and sexy aura isn’t just limited to MAMAMOO’s performances on stage, though. You can also see them whenever she dresses up for their airport photos — click on the next article below to check out her sexiest airport fashion outfits yet.

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