9 Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Proved She Can “Bring Sexy Back” With Her Gorgeous Airport Fashion

If you thought #1 was sexy, wait until you see #8.

The leader of MAMAMOO, Solar, proves that she can be a yeba (pretty fool) sometimes, but just when you start falling for her cute charms and quirky habits, she decides to drop everything and give you this:

Because of this, Solar proves that she can be sexy AF when she wants to. But don’t take our word for it — check out her sexiest airport photos below and be the judge yourself.

1. This revealing top that shows her chest area

It was incredibly sexy that her fellow members were concerned about her accidentally exposing herself.

2. This long top with short shorts

It looks like something that you’d wear when you go to bed, don’t you think?

3. White-on-white ensemble with ab-flashing on the side

Maybe it’s too hot in the plane, so she decided to dress appropriately.

4. Just in case you can’t get enough of the abs

Here’s another airport fashion outfit to drive you crazy.

5. How can someone exude swag and sexiness at the same time?

Her bottom may scream “swag” but her top is all about the sexy.

6. See-through yellow top

It perfectly captures her body’s curves, plus, her pair of sunglasses give her an extra chic vibe.

7. White-on-white, with a revealing shoulder

You can just see Moonbyul trying to cover Solar’s shoulders by putting her hands on top of them.

8. Sexy, rich CEO who’s going on a business trip

To keep it classy, Solar chose to cover up her black tube top with a leather blazer that will both keep her warm and set MooMoos’ hearts on fire at the same time.

9. Short denim shorts that are perfect for airport fashion

Her top is a laid-back shirt, but she upped the ante by pairing it with a pair of sexy denim shorts.

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