If You Thought MAMAMOO’s Wheein Is Just Cute, These 10+ Sexiest Photos Of Wheein On Stage Will Prove You Wrong

Outfit #7 is already sexy enough, but seeing her move her body while wearing it makes it hotter.

When you think of the word “sexy” and you associate it with girl group MAMAMOO, the first idol who comes into your mind may be the group’s fatal vocalist, Hwasa, right?

Maybe you’ll even think of Solar who once ripped her shirt on stage.

Or perhaps Moonbyul is your definition of sexy, since she’s girl-crush personified.

If you check out these sexy stage outfits of Wheein, though, you’ll be convinced that every member of the group is capable of bringing sexy to the table.

There will be no cutesy dimples and aegyo faces here — get ready to check out sexy Wheein in her element.

1. Glittery tube top with matching genie pants

With Wheein as your genie, you know she’s already managed to grant one out of three of your wishes.

Her dangling earrings add class to the whole outfit, too.

2. Circle earrings + red lipstick and nails + daring top = perfection

The top screams “raw sexiness” while the bottom part of her outfit simply says “cool chic”.

3. Black on black ensemble

The see-through top adds the perfect balance to this look: without it, it would simply look like a plain all-black outfit.

Her long, black wavy hair also adds a sultry element to the whole performance.

4. Long, straight hair with extremely short shorts

If you simply check out the first half of the picture, it looks innocent enough. But scroll way down to the bottom and you’ll find yourself a nice surprise.

5. This performance is every MooMoo’s dream

Even the women watching her couldn’t help but exclaim how sexy she is.

6. Lace top with leather shorts

The great thing about Wheein’s look is that it doesn’t go overboard in making all elements alluring to the eye — if her bottom is a little bit naughty, it’s okay because her conservative top makes up for it.

7. Tropical print with eye-catching earrings…

…and eye-catching body movements, too.

8. Long sleeve top with short leather shorts

The striking element about this outfit is her hair: it’s brown, so it’s lighter than black, which makes it perfect for complementing the entire look.

9. Striking red top underneath an all-black ensemble

Red is the color associated with the concept of sexiness, after all. It surely makes the whole outfit pop, complete with her straight bangs that will shoot you straight in your heart.

10. How can an all-white outfit look less and less innocent…

…and more and more naughty when Wheein’s the one wearing it?

11. This iconic look from their concert

This one drove MooMoos crazy as it is exactly the kind of outfit someone would wear when they’re going to bed — without the personalized microphone, of course.

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