10 Of The Most Disappointing K-Drama Endings

Sometimes, even the most popular dramas fall flat.

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There are many K-Dramas that come out each year and many that become extremely popular. However, not all of them end the way fans want. Sure, many dramas commonly end with a flash-forward to when the main couple is married with kids (which is considered an average ending), some try to change it up a bit… and fail. But what do official drama reviewers know? You want real people’s opinions, you want to know the truth. That’s where Reddit came in!

Let’s take a look at some of the most disappointing drama endings these Redditors have experienced.

1. W

was one of the best, most creative dramas to come from 2016. For newer drama watchers, it’s kind of like a much more serious, sci-fi, crime Extraordinary You. That being said, many have called the ending disappointing because of the female lead’s fate and the fact that we are completely and utterly clueless about how the other characters storylines panned out. It was an ambitious and amazing show, but sometimes powerful endings are hard to create.

2. Cheese In The Trap

| Netflix

This highly anticipated drama disappointed viewers by becoming confusing halfway through the show and sealing it with an ending that left viewers with more questions than answers.

3. Missing 9

This drama with EXO‘s Chanyeol was loved by many until it completely crashed towards the end. The reason? Fans were highly disappointed in the wrung-out who-done-it trope and were confused by the villain’s fate at the end.

4. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

How could a list of “most disappointing” endings be complete without the infamous Scarlet Heart? Most of the complaints come from fans who knew nothing about this show before-hand or who had this drama as their first historical drama. Let’s set it straight, in almost every single (non-comedy) historical drama, someone will die. It’s just how most are. However, let’s just say that Scarlet Heart truly scarred some fans by taking the George R.R. Martin approach to characters’ lives. Although, many still found it a fitting or at least an okay ending.

5. City Hunter

Lee Min Ho had already built up amazing popularity with Boys Over Flowers and Personal Taste, so many people were eager to see his action side in City Hunter. It became a huge success but felt flat at its lukewarm ending. Lee Min Ho himself stated that he was regretful that the love story was somewhat incomplete. Not to mention the killed off a character that many thought was unnecessary.

6. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

This show just finished at the end of November, and fans were split on how they liked the ending. The shock factor of the last episode was reversed within the last 10 minutes and had fans wondering “why would someone do that?” “Why is that okay?”

7. Crash Landing On You

This one is certainly not the worst, but to some fans, it was a little disappointing. Many wished that they just figured out a slightly different way to do it rather than the bittersweet ending they thought wasn’t good enough. Not to mention the “unnecessary” killing of a character that many grew to love.

8. Fashion King

Perhaps not many know about this 2012 show, but that’s probably because viewers have been burying it for years in spite of its infamous ending. It was rushed, confusing, and it added a few completely unneeded things.

9. Boys Over Flowers

| Netflix

Ah yes, the famous love-it-or-hate-it drama. Ignoring the discourse about the rest of the show, the ending brought arguments for years on end. This show may not have been the birth, but it was definitely the catalyst of Second Lead Syndrome.

10. Memories of the Alhambra

This show has been accused of having an open end, a lot of useless scenes, and far too many flashbacks. Fans felt like the writer was just rushing to fill in plot holes by the end of it.

What K-Drama’s ending disappointed you the most?

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