10 Dumbest Things K-Pop Fans Have Done Because Of K-Pop

Alas, the dumb things we do when we’re in love.

Stanning K-Pop can be tricky sometimes — we know this. But when the heart is in the right place, anyone can fall in love with the music. It goes beyond the Korean lyrics, beyond the non-subbed video contents, beyond the merchandise that only ship within Korea… and so on. K-Pop can take over our lives before we know it. And alas, the dumb things we do when we’re in love. Right? Here are, as shared by the wild wild web, 10 times K-Pop fans let K-Pop take over too much of their lives.


1. The Presentation From Lucifer

Had a major presentation in law school, opened chrome full of K-Pop songs that immediately played on the speakers when I panic- closed… The song was Lucifer – SHINee for the curious.

— Reddit @bigmoneybitches


2. The Demon Child

I’m definitely responsible for ruining my grandfather’s first time preaching in a large church (I think with some 700-900 people? Big church.) It was back in 2008 and Purple Line by TVXQ had just came out and 8 year old me was obsessed with the song and had the intro to the first verse as my ringtone. Which played very loudly right after a deacon introduced my Grandfather and the applause quieted down. For those of you who don’t know the first line is “I really wanna touch myself.” Safe to say I never went back to church with my grandfather again.

— Reddit @candyjeongwi


3. The Big Money Droppin’

I started getting into the fansigns / release events thing, it turned out being a common occurrence, which is even worse (for my wallet). For now, my (shameful) record sits on 20 CDs (GFRIEND’s the Awakening) in order to get into a fansign. well, I always try to stay positive remembering me that it could be worse…

— Reddit @tsutomo_DIA


4. The Shameless Preachin’

Whenever I’m drunk at a party I’m CONVINCED that everyone would love some K-Pop, never usually turns out too well.

— Reddit @sakisaka


5. The Mindless Collecting

Buying multiple copies of an album for the photo card. Bought them when I was abroad and there was an actual K-Pop store. Ended up throwing the album itself away because of the weight and room in my suitcase..

— Reddit @Doowdoow


6. The Most Intimate Stanning

Wrote SHINee’s names on my underwear with fabric marker. Had some interesting conversations in the school locker room because of it.

— Reddit @brandnewsound


7. The Diet

Tried the IU diet along with other unhealthy diets that idols boast about (Your meal needs to fit into a small cup, etc). In my mindset it was, “suffer for 3 weeks then go back to eating so I can maintain my new idol weight.” Also thinking that anything over 120 lbs was fat. I’m a teacher now and I’m very in tuned when I hear my students talk about how pretty an idol is. They know I like K-Pop so it helps me bond with them, but I always look out for keywords such as ” they are so skinny / I wish I could be like that.”

— Reddit @kiwcakes


8. The Battle

I got into K-Pop in 2009 and for some reason, 13 year old me thought that defending my favorite groups in the Youtube comment section was a matter of pride, life and death. I also left some really cringy comments, declaring eternal faith to my bias, hoping that he’d see those comments one day. I stopped doing it when I matured a bit and forgot about that channel until 2017, when I found one of my comments under an old video. I read some of the dumb stuff I posted back then and you guessed it, I never cringed so hard in my life and I deleted the old channel immediately.

— Reddit @DucksAreTheKewlest


9. The Unintentional Masterclass

For a uni topic we had teach the class some sort of skill and I completely forgot about it the day of the class. Thinking to myself for what’s something I know that’s fairly enjoyable and can be a little fun, I thought to myself I could teach the LIKEY point dance (something I taught myself after numerous lonely nights). So I come to class and the tutor splits us up into two groups, places in a different room each, in which she plans to move back and forth to see the different types of skills. Ideally I’d like my 50 year old tutor not watch a young man teach their peers Korean Pop dances, but unfortunately she comes into my room just as I begin. At first nobody in the class was too keen on it but luckily the tutor convinced everyone to come up and follow my steps. After I few very short rehearsals and lean back in disbelief from what I’m watching and what I’ve done.

— Reddit @MasturNate


10. The Intentional Career Switch

Left my job of almost 15 years (I was looking for a reason to leave anyway) to teach English in Korea for a year even though I’m hella shy and can’t stand being the center of attention all to make sure I would be able to see BTS with my own 2 eyes.

— Reddit @bts_army_brat

Source: Reddit