10+ Emotional And Relatable Fan Reactions To “Boys Planet” Final Results

Congratulations to all the participants!

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Over the last few months, fans have grown attached to their favorite Boys Planet participants, voting and supporting them, hoping they will debut in the final nine-membered group. It was announced that the final team would be called ZEROBASEONE, and its line-up was revealed during the show’s last episode! Fans have let their feelings about the results, ranging from joy to devastation, be known online.

Here are 10+ relatable reactions to the final results of the show!

1. It’s not an end but a new beginning!

2. These fan messages hit us right in the feels.

3. The announcements taking forever…

Minhyun had us waiting in suspense.

4. The first member of ZEROBASEONE Is…

Kim Jiwoong! Hilariously, he forgot the name of the group during his speech!

5. The relief they must feel.

6. Ricky’s popularity is undeniable…

…even those who didn’t watch are happy for his debut!

7. Top two are…

Park Hanbin and Zhang Hao!

8. We interrupt this broadcast…

Fans didn’t appreciate the sudden interruption in the stream right before the #1 place announcement.

9. Congratulations to the center position Zhang Hao!

Sung Hanbin finishes his streak of never leaving the top 3 as well!

10. Another break…

…we couldn’t take much more of this.

11. The final spot announcement was both joyous and heartbreaking…

…international fan favorite Jay placed tenth overall.

12. Some fan favorites didn’t make it into the final group…

…their futures are sure to be bright!

13. Let’s go ZEROBASEONE!

We’re excited about their promotions!

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