Introducing The Final 9 Members Of “Boys Planet” New Group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1)

Are your favorites included in the debuting team?

After over two months of episodes and watching trainees battle for a chance to debut, Mnet‘s recent reality show Boys Planet finally ended, and the nine trainees who would be debuting were announced.

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Going into the final following the last elimination, Sung Han Bin retained his place at number one, a record for these kinds of reality shows. There were also some massive changes, seeing favorites slip out of the top nine and some make their debut, including fan favorite Ricky.

The top nine in the episode prior to the final | Mnet

Before the final, Mnet revealed a partial spoiler of the mid-show rankings that seemed suspicious and were later taken down.

“Boys Planet” Viewers Find The Latest Partial Mid-Show Ranking Reveal Suspicious

Following the death of ASTRO‘s Moonbin, although the show continued to be broadcast, Mnet held a moment of silence for the idol before the live stream started.

The final 18 trainees then performed for the last time to appeal to global voters.

After over two months of the show airing, April 20 saw the finale being held at Jamsil Arena. With the results changing drastically, and a shocking result for the contestant who narrowly missed out on debuting…

The “Boys Planet” Contestant Who Narrowly Missed Out On Debuting By Placing 10th In The Final Rankings

Here are the nine members of the new boy group ZEROBASEONE (known as ZB1).

9. Han Yujin – 1,196,622 Points

Waiting until the end, Han Yujin just made it into the debut group as the final member of the group. While constantly staying in the top five, the final rankings are known to change, but it was still surprising he only just made it. His popularity and talent were shown with the crowds chanting his name.

First of all, star creators who made me come all the way here, thank you so much. Those who supported me from behind, my parents and my brother, am I a proud son now? I really had a hard time, but thanks to star creators’ love and support I’m standing here right now. You found my charms that I didn’t even know. Thank you for that, star creators. To debut in ‘Boys Planet’ is not my final dream. To give star creators love and my all is.

— Han Yujin

8. Kim Ji Woong – 1,338,984 Points

Throughout the series, NESTMANAGEMENT‘s Kim Ji Woong captured the hearts of viewers with his talent, visuals, and charisma. Despite a rough start in the industry as an idol before venturing into acting, Kim Ji Woong never failed to impress with his talents and showcased his diversity as a singer, rapper, and dancer.

First off, thank you so much for coming today star creators. The reason I came all the way here is because of star creators’ love and attention. In a position like this, I always wanted to say this. My parents are here. To my parents, I wanted to say thank you for giving birth to me. Also, to the staff members who filmed Boys Planet together, the writers, directors, the masters, thank you! What was our group name? Sorry about that. I’m the first Kim Ji Woong of ZEROBASEONE.

— Kim Ji Woong

7. Kim Gyuvin – 1,346,105 Points

Yuehua Entertainment trainee Kim Gyuvin quickly became a fan favorite from the minute he stepped onto the stage. With his talent, charm, and visuals, his hard work and dedication had everyone praising the idol as he shined on stage. With the fans chanting his name after placing, he couldn’t hold back tears as he thanked the fans and those who kept his rank high.

First off, in the final round, thank you to the producers for helping me out. The CEO, president, my label families, thank you so much. I really, for almost 6 months, I did my best. Star creators have gifted me with this result, so I’m very grateful. Also, the ones who are already sitting on the other seats, while practicing with you guys, I had so much fun. So wait for me. Also, 98 trainees that I got to know through the debut group, (listing his fellow trainees). Thank you for all the support and love. I didn’t actually remember all my sentences. Sorry, I forgot. I am so appreciative of all your support. I know to love somebody is hard and to use your time and energy. Thank you for all your time and energy.

— Kim Guyvin

6. Kim Tae Rae – 1,349,595 Points

WAKEONE trainee Kim Tae Rae is another contestant who has consistently captured the hearts of netizens and showcased his talent not only as a performer but on the guitar. As one of the group’s main vocalists, he always shined and put on consistently amazing performances.

I didn’t imagine this at all. I was so surprised, so I couldn’t stay calm. First off, all those who came to see me and made me debut, star creators, thank you so much. In such a huge stage with great trainee friends on a cool stage, to enjoy and perform together was a huge honor. In the previous announcement, I told star creators to walk with me all the time, and they kept that promise. First off, to the staff members and stylists, thank you so much. They did more work than us, thank you so ever much. Also, our label families, thank you so much. Over four months of waiting for me and cheering for me, my mom, dad, and sister, even if I don’t make it, I was going to say I would become your pride. Thank you. To all the masters who taught me, thank you so much. Our fellow trainees, I learned so much from you and you were kind to me so I was happy preparing this. Lastly, to debut as ZEROBASEONE, I’ll grow even more.

— Kim Tae Rae

5. Park Gun Wook – 1,386,039 Points

With his unique vibe when he gets on stage, with his ranking growing every week to make him one of the most popular trainees, the contestant in 5th place was Jellyfish Entertainment’s Park Gun Wook. Despite only being 18, he is a true all-rounder, being able to sing, dance, and rap to a high standard.

Wow. Actually, to be honest, I want to cry so much. But I’m so excited, and I can’t cry. In the previous announcement, I was ranked 12th. So, I kind of let everything go, and for the star creators who rooted for me, I just wanted to give them a stage I could be proud of. But with such a high- rank at 5th place, thank you so much. Our label members, thank you so much. Those who have given me so much advice, thank you. The CEO, the manager, and all the staff, I made it. Also, my family, my mom, dad and my brother, thank you so much. I’m not that nice to you, but I love you so much. Also, I’m sorry I didn’t prepare a speech at all. 98 trainees who prepared ‘Boys Planet’ together, thank you for your passion and for helping me grow. I always told you I was worried, yet you cheered me up, so thank you, Jun Hyeon. Also, lastly, Star Creators who helped me get here, from now on, I’ll become Park Gun Wook of ZEROBASEONE.

— Park Gun Wook

4. Ricky – 1,572,089 Points

When the show first started, Yuehua Entertainment’s Ricky seemed to be a target of Mnet’s “evil editing.” Yet, throughout his performances and behind the scenes, he has proven to be not only handsome, talented, and charismatic but also warm and friendly. His iconic phrase, “Young and rich, tall and handsome,” took over the world.

I feel so awesome. First off, star creators, thank you for seeing what’s good in me and understanding my shortcomings and supporting me. Since elementary school, I came alone to Korea for my dream and practiced so today feels like a dream. It feels like a dream come true and thanks to all the star creators from the deep of my heart, thank you for supporting me from the minute I arrived. This is my first tattoo, and this motto saying ‘role model,’ it stands for me wanting to be the role model for someone else. Today, I think I have achieved the first step but there’s still a long way to go, it’s just started. I will be the best me I can, thank you.

— Ricky

3. Seok Matthew – 1,702,174 Points

Every week, Seok Matthew made the top nine, and it seemed almost unheard of that he wouldn’t have made the final lineup. The MNH Entertainment trainee consistently wowed netizens with his performances and only seemingly dipped in position during the last show, with his other rankings being in the top 5.

To be honest, it feels like a dream. These days, I wasn’t really confident but my roomates always took care of me and told me it’d be okay. I didn’t believe it but I’m so grateful to be here. Thank you so much for rooting for me. For the past two years, I’ve been running for this dream and finally, it feels so good to achieve it. My label, I want to thank them for taking care of me. The staff members here, thank you for taking care of me. Sorry but, mom, thank you for believing in me and letting me come to Korea. I’m finally here, so I’ll be the proudest son to you. I love you so much. I missed you. Lastly, to the star creators, thank you for coming all the way here. When I was thinking if this is my way or not, I read all your letters and thank you for calling me an all-rounder.

— Seok Matthew

2. Sung Han Bin – 1,888,414 Points

Despite coming in first place every week, it was surprising that Sung Han Bin only came in second. Each week, he consistently impressed fans with his talent and unsurprisingly had main parts in every performance. From singing, dancing, and visuals, Han Bin never failed to amaze both fans and mentors.

Thanks to the star creators who rooted for me, I can stand here. The heart of rooting for someone wouldn’t be easy and simple. Every vote is precious so this is a very proud moment for me. And I challenged for the dream of an idol at a late age, I was lonely and worried but through ‘Boys Planet,’ I met star creators so it became a warm road in Spring. Thank you so much again. My family is here today, my sister, mom and dad, as parents, you’ve been supporting me and my sister for our talents. From now on, more than my parents, I hope you live your life of your own and I’ll root for it. I was energized a lot thanks to you, so I wanted to say thank you. Lastly, all in, I’ll never lose my attitude as trainee Sung Han Bin.

— Sung Han Bin

1. Zhang Hao – 1,998,154 Points

The trainee who was voted in the first place and will be the center of ZEROBASEONE was Zhang Hao. While most expected the first place to be a Korean trainee, the consistent popularity of Zhang Hao for his talent, charisma, and visuals meant he is going to be a worthy center for the group.

Am I dreaming? Alright, I’ll do the speech I prepared. I’m Zhang Hao, the trainee. What’s most important for me is the star creators who voted for me for months. Thank you so much. So far, we have put so much time and effort to get here so I’ll never forget this experience. The memory of ‘Boys Planet’ is really precious in my life and also the producers and masters, and the ones who have been running toward the same dream, I feel really grateful. From now on, I’ll be Zhang Hao of ZEROBASEONE. I’ll shine even more and give you happiness. And I’ll never forget my attitude as trainee Zhang Hao, and I’ll always do my best. Also, my label, the executive producer, CEO, president, manager, and staff, thank you.

— Zhang Hao

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