“Boys Planet” Viewers Find The Latest Partial Mid-Show Ranking Reveal Suspicious

For the first time, the #1 position has changed.

With the recent controversy over fans “farming” votes for their favorite contestant on Boys Planet, the show has come under continuous scrutiny about unfair voting and other methods used to support some contestants more than others.

Not too long ago, the mid-show ranking for the final 18 contestants on Boys Planet was partially revealed, and the rankings that have been shared are leading some watchers to speculate that there might be favoritism going on.

Sung Hanbin

According to the information shared, global fans make up about 80% of the total votes, while Korean fans make up 20% (about 3.44 million compared to 869k).

Given that the show features both Korean and global contestants, this kind of difference in where the fan votes are coming from might suggest that the global contestants are getting more votes. Viewers have also speculated that Mnet has certain contestants that they want to see in the final nine, and that’s where the controversy over the partial-reveal comes in.

For the top nine contestants, only one position was shared: Park Hanbin, who up until this point has remained in the #1 position for the entirety of the show. As of this latest mid-show ranking, he’s in the #3 position.

For the lower nine rankings, two names were shared — Park Hanbin at #10, and Kim Taerae at #11.

The fact that only these three Korean contestants’ positions were shared has resulted in many viewers thinking they must have some kind of favoritism to end up in the final nine. The general theory is that, upon seeing the low rankings of these contestants, Korean voters may “panic” and become more serious about voting for them if they’re their favorite contestant.

This information was shared on a Korean forum, where netizens shared their thoughts about the potential “shady” reasons behind revealing only these three contestants.

| The Qoo
  • “I didn’t think it’d actually be posted…”
  • “What…”
  • “?”
  • “Omg 3rd place??”
  • “It’s posted when it’s not even broadcasted yet?”
  • “Huh?”
  • “That’s insane”
  • “What the… Sung Hanbin why”
  • “Huh? If they’re going to reveal it, reveal the whole thing. 10th and 11th place is probably going to debut”

International viewers have chimed in with their opinions too.

Of course, this is all just speculation. The final results of the show are bound to make some viewers happy and others not, and we can only hope that they’re chosen fairly!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa

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