Mnet Responds To Global Fans Cloning Votes For “Boys Planet”

Fans have been farming accounts for voting.

Recently, a new trick for voting on Boys Planet seems to have surfaced. While the app itself limits each app download to one vote, a new software allows a singular device to clone the apps and farm new accounts, resulting in the ability to vote more than once.

Example of app cloning. | theqoo

Global fans have been encouraging this cloning method, with fees for the software being as low as ₩2,200 KRW (about $1.69 USD). They have been spreading the word about the software, encouraging others to do the same to vote for their picks.

Today I’ve voted 60 times. You guys should use the farming applications as his current ranking is really not great, so we need every person to participate and become his support.

— Fan

Completed for April 15th. I wonder which genius invented this farming software. Everyone, vote please!

— Fan

Farmed votes +10.

— Fan

In response to this, other global fans who felt it was unfair, have gone on to report the situation to Mnet. Mnet’s customer service center provided their solution, which was to invalidate the votes if detected.

Mnet’s response. | theqoo

With the solution, fans can rest a little more at peace, knowing that Mnet is taking up the possible means to remain fair.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • What can be done? This sh*t*ss show.
  • They said they’re already picking [those votes] out.
  • Not just China but other foreign countries were also caught… Mnet already said they are picking through it.
  • Not just China, but didn’t Japan also clone votes? Only Koreans are fools.
  • Just vote during the live broadcast.

Even so, others have expressed their worry about the unfair voting method. There is no guarantee that Mnet is able to detect all the cloned votes.

Source: theqoo

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