The “Boys Planet” Contestant Who Just Missed Out On Debuting In ZEROBASEONE After Placing 10th In The Final Rankings

Could the shocking result be due to his lack of screen time in the finale?

After months of competition, the final lineup for the new boy group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) was revealed on the last episode of Mnet‘s reality show Boys Planet.

The “Boys Planet” poster | Mnet

On April 20, the nine trainees who would be debuting as part of the final group were announced…

Introducing The Final 9 Members Of “Boys Planet” New Group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1)

Millions of fans voted worldwide, and the final lineup saw a mix of trainees of different ages and from different countries. Seeing them together, the lineup was strong, with some amazing vocalists and dancers and contestants who are true all-rounders.

The final lineup of Mnet’s new group | Mnet

Inevitably, there were some shocking results, with many popular contestants not managing to get enough points to make the final lineup. While it would be hard to take missing out on the top nine, Jay Chang was one contestant who shocked fans by not making the final and just missing out by ranking in tenth place.

“Boys Planet” contestant Jay Chang | Mnet
| Mnet

Even before arriving on the show, Jay was known to K-Pop fans, whether it was his content on social media with fellow K-Pop trainee Beomhan or appearing on Under Nineteen.

As soon as Jay made his first appearance on the show, he stole the hearts of fans with his amazing performance of “Rush Hour” with fellow global trainee Na Kamden. Jay’s visuals might have been noticeable, but it was his unreal voice.

Throughout the episodes, his voice consistently wowed netizens, even going up against K-Pop veteran PENTAGON‘s Hui.

Each time he stepped on stage and showcased his charisma, the idol gained attention and saw his rank and popularity rise with each episode.


Yet, despite his fame, the idol seemed to remain outside the top nine, and in the final rankings, he shockingly dropped to rank 13, which had fans worried.

Fans didn’t lose hope, as Jay was always known to have huge international support. Even when fans shared anger that the trainee only got one second of screen time, many hoped his popularity would be enough to help him debut.

After the results were posted, netizens couldn’t hide their shock at Jay’s place. Although it was still high, it didn’t allow him to debut, which many fans thought was certain from the moment he did his first performance with Na Kamden.

While Jay might not have been able to debut with ZEROBASEONE, he will undoubtedly have an amazing career and will be able to showcase his talent in some way in the future.

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