“Boys Planet” Drops The Name Of Their Debut Group — Fans Are In Disbelief

“The group name is f*cked.”

Boys Planet hosted its finals on April 20, 2023. As the live broadcast and competition is still ongoing, the debut lineup has yet to be revealed. The show teased fans with announcing the debut group’s name — ZEROBASEONE.

ZEROBASEONE, also known as ZB1, will debut through the audition survival show. They have already created an official Twitter account for the group.

Fans will support the debut lineup no matter what, but they are already expressing doubt at the group’s name. While ZEROBASE1 sounds cool, when shortened in Korean to ZB1, it is read as “Ze-Be-Won.” The shortened name sounds similar to many other Korean phrases, making fans laugh in disbelief. During the live announcement on-site, the audience can be heard laughing.

Ze-Be” sounds like the Korean term for planting crops, something many Korean fans pointed out. It also sounds similar to other words such as “jib-e” (at home), “je-bae” (my stomach), and more. The name started trending on Korean Twitter.

Real-time Twitter trends. | Twitter
  • Cr*pping us with ZB1
  • I rather they went with “Boys”
  • We are ZB1
  • Boys Planet
  • I rather they went with ZEROONE

Many preferred the shortened name to be ZEROONE instead. As the name was dropped on Twitter, fans couldn’t help but criticize the selection.

I really didn’t want to curse, but the group name is f*cked.

— @dailykiki_0816

The group’s fandom can be called Zero Coke.

— @you143o

International fans had similar opinions.

Despite the name, the group is sure to hit success with the popularity of the contestants!

Boys Planet

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