10 Entertainment Companies And Their Top Earning Idol Groups

Though entertainment companies may have a lot of different groups under their labels, there is always one group that is each company’s main moneymaker.

Nowadays many entertainment companies are able to debut and promote a variety of groups and artists under their labels. This, of course, wouldn’t be possible without revenue coming into those companies from somewhere. Certain groups have become invaluable for companies thanks to their huge popularity and the mass of revenue that they pull in, allowing the companies to expand further.

Check out the breadwinning groups from some of the biggest entertainment companies below!

SM Entertainment – TVXQ

Despite SM Entertainment having a plethora of other groups that sell well (both domestically and internationally) none of them can compare to TVXQ‘s success and revenue in Japan. In the first half of 2016, the duo was reported to have earned over 100 billion Won.

JYP Entertainment – 2PM

Almost 10 years into their career and 2PM is still going strong by maintaining their spot as the number one earner within JYP Entertainment thanks to their Japanese promotions. While JYP’s newer groups such as GOT7 and TWICE are growing in popularity rapidly, 2PM still claims the company throne.

YG Entertainment – BIGBANG

It comes as no surprise that the breadwinner of YG Entertainment is none other than BIGBANG. Since their debut in 2006, the group has become a force to reckon with and now accounts for over 80% of YG’s overall income.


As INFINITE has grown as a group and gained recognition both domestically and internationally, so has Woolim as a company. INFINITE used to bring in 85% of Woolim’s income, but now that rock band NELL has left the company, that number has become 95%.

WM Entertainment – B1A4

B1A4 is definitely a group that has helped their small company grow into quite the establishment. Before B1A4, WM Entertainment did not have an actual building, but after the group’s popularity skyrocketed, the company was able to buy a building. Not only that, but the company was also able to debut Oh My Girl thanks to B1A4’s success.

B1A4 seasons greetings

KQ Entertainment – Block B

After their departure from Stardom Entertainment, the boys of Block B signed onto new agency KQ Entertainment (formerly Seven Seasons), with the group acting as their sole income provider.

FNC Entertainment – FT Island

Though AOA may be FNC‘s most prominent group nowadays, it is actually FT Island that brought the company to where it is today. The group’s huge profits are responsible for much of the company’s expansion.

Pledis Entertainment – SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN has become Pledis Entertainment‘s saving grace since their debut in 2015. The company had been slowly declining, but it was able to make a remarkable comeback thanks to SEVENTEEN’s explosive popularity. The company is now due to debut its new group, PRISTIN.

Big Hit Entertainment – BTS

Big Hit Entertainment hit it big time after the debut of BTS. The company originally started off in debt, but now that BTS has brought in so much revenue, the company’s debts have been paid off. Over 95% of Big Hit’s income at the moment comes from BTS.



The boys of TEEN TOP are the crowning glory of TOP Media as the company’s number one revenue provider. Although the group was recently hit by L.Joe’s departure, the group is still doing well for itself.