10+ Fan Photos Of SHINee That Prove They’re All Legendary Visuals

They’re all so handsome!

SHINee is one handsome group!

SHINee | @Zolshinee2min_5/Twitter

Here are 10+ fan photos of SHINee that prove they look absolutely amazing in real life!

1. Key’s smile is so beautiful

Key was especially handsome during M Countdown in Taipei in 2018!

2. Minho over flowers

His face puts the flowers to shame!

3. 190614 Taemin, you will always be iconic

Imagine looking this good in a candid photo!

4. The power this photo of Onew holds

You can feel the star power radiating off this picture!

5. Jonghyun is literal perfection

He looks so handsome, and we are loving the pink jacket!

6. We’re ready for long-haired Taemin to make a comeback

We’re a fan of anytime Taemin rocks long hair!

7. In love with Key’s eye smile

Even with half his face covered, he’s so handsome!

8. No words for this Onew

Simply too handsome for words!

9. Minho is simply “Dynamite”

This look though!

10. He looks at Shawols with such love

Jonghyun’s eyes are shining like the stars in this photo!

11. Visual attack times 5

You can see their passion for their craft on their faces!

12. We love these blondies

Jonghyun and Onew rock the heck out of blonde hair!

13. Too cute

They were so young here and so adorable!

14. So in sync, so handsome

They’re all perfectly in sync and super gorgeous!


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