10+ Female Idols Who Wore Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Stage Outfits

I want them all 😍

One perk of being an idol is having the opportunity to wear gorgeous stage outfits all of the time. Among the hundreds of female idols, several have worn extraordinarily beautiful clothes that deserve a mention of their own.

Read on to see these stunning stage outfits for yourself!

1. Jennie

No one can pull off lace better than BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

2. Joy

If Jennie is the queen of lace, Red Velvet‘s Joy is the queen of sequins.

3. Nayeon

The intricate detailing on TWICE Nayeon‘s stage outfits is mesmerizing.

4. Hyuna

Hyuna can rock both sexy and feminine outfits with ease.

5. Rose

BLACKPINK Rose‘s beautiful high-low dresses will make you do a double take.

6. Arin

Oh My Girl Arin‘s first outfit perfectly captures the night sky whereas her second outfit stands out for its pretty rose gold flowers.

7. Chungha

Chungha looks stunning in a high neck sequin top and lavender tassel dress.

8. Solar

MAMAMOO‘s Solar undoubtedly looks even prettier than the flower patterns she wears on her dresses.

9. Soyeon

(G)-IDLE‘s Soyeon is known for her fierce rapping skills, but she can pull off feminine clothes any day.

10. IU

IU looks like a human doll in her prom-worthy dresses.

11. Tiffany

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany could make any piece of clothing look like it was made for her.

12. Taeyeon

Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon may wear a lot of sparkling stage outfits, but she herself still shines the brightest.