10+ Flirty Moments Of BTS’s Suga Winking At You And Making You Blush Like Rose

#8 is so rude, can you believe he winked and showed his tongue at the same time?

The duality that BTS‘s Suga shows is spectacular, because he actually has three types of it.

Since you’re a K-Pop fan, you may already be familiar with the usual concept of duality, that is, an idol’s onstage persona is different from their offstage persona, right?

In the case of Suga, you can clearly see his duality when he’s performing as he’s hyper and oozing with swag while he raps…

…but offstage, he’s an introverted character who prefers sleeping and saving his energy instead of going out.

Another variant of Suga’s duality is the way he looks versus the way he acts. At first glance, he may look like a cold person…

…but he’s actually very warm, caring and kindhearted, once you get to know him.


And the last version of Suga’s duality? You can see it in the way he winks: sometimes, he may wink sexily and make you blush. On the other hand, he may look like an adorable cinnamon roll when he’s winking — but it’s still enough to make you blush.

Check out these 10+ moments of Suga winking and thank us later.

1. Sunlight in his eyes wink

2. Finger heart with wink

3. Savage wink with performance level at 100%

4. Cute, boy-next-door wink

5. Lazy but sexy wink

6. Shy but cool wink

7. Hyperactive wink

8. Rude wink

9. Wait-for-it-and-blush wink

10. Adorable wink feat. Jungkook

11. “Thanks for noticing me!” wink

Can’t get enough of BTS and their winks? Here’s Jimin‘s version below:

10+ Flirty Moments Of BTS’s Jimin Winking At You And Making You Blush Like A Tomato