10 Funniest “Fake KakaoTalk” Exchanges Between K-Pop Idols And Fans

… What?

The “FakeTalk” smartphone application allows its users to create fake KakaoTalk messenger-style conversations with whomever they want. Hence, this AI-based chatting application has K-Pop fans’ imagination running wild — with them creating “logs” of conversations with the non-human versions of their biases. The thing is though, AI being AI, these conversations can take wild turns with the most unexpected responses. Here are 10 times K-Pop fans found themselves cackling at how awkward their chats ended up sounding!

1. With BTS’s Jin

2. With BTS’s Jungkook

3. With EXO’s Baekhyun

4. With TXT’s Yeonjun

5. With NCT’s Jeno

6. With NCT’s Jungwoo

7. With NCT’s Jaehyun

8. Again

9. With DAY6’s Wonpil

10. With SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man