10 Genuine And Heartwarming Quotes By BTS’s Jimin That Will Melt Your Heart

His love for the fans has always been true.

BTS’s Jimin has always had a way with words and has expressed his love and gratitude towards fans in the most heartwarming and genuine way possible. His words can warm fans’ hearts in an instant because they know just how passionate and hard-working he is in everything BTS does. Here is a list of ten quotes by Jimin that show just how thankful and beautiful his heart is!

1. If your heart has grown bigger, that also means you have also let go and emptied out many things. This shows that you have let go of the bad things and are left with nothing but happiness and freedom.

2.Our concert in Citi Field is a performance I think about a lot because I was having a hard time mentally during that time. I was able to learn and grow during that time and I will remember those moments forever.

3. I am really so happy when I see the thousands of fans in the crowd. It’s so beautiful. The view that I have from the stage is like a pretty sunset. I get frustrated when I can’t express just how happy I am through expression or words.

4. Honesty, I don’t like showing people the human version of Park Jimin. I’m not saying this to try and distance myself from everyone, but that I’d rather remain as everyone’s celebrity.

5. I am the most happy when I see our fans cheering for us while we’re back stage, when I see our members on stage performing, when I sing, and when I see fans happy because of my singing.

6. I am the most thankful that we are able to be in this journey together. I believe that I would not be where I am today if we weren’t able to do this together.

7. From the beginning until now, all this was made possible because of our fans.

8. Everyone, I believe that you all know just how much I appreciate all of you. I was able to take another step further because you guys were always by my side. I will work harder to love you all more.

9. I was born suddenly in order to meet all of you. So please love me a lot.

10. Please cherish me and treat me with love.

Jimin’s love for his fans is due to fans being his biggest support system and reason for continuing his journey as a global K-Pop star.