10+ Gifs Of BTS Hilariously Dissing Bang Si Hyuk

BTS just casually dissing their boss

BTS and Bang Si Hyuk have shown off their close relationship on multiple occasions.

BTS also playfully, and savagely diss Bang Si Hyuk from time to time. Here are 10+ gifs of BTS hilariously dissing the CEO of their company.

1. RM’s exaggerated impersonation

Here is the original version

Here is RM‘s version

2. Suga wanting an explanation

Bang Si Hyuk made a promise to Suga that he would be just a rapper, that he wouldn’t be someone who would have to dance to choreographies.

Suga goes on to tell his feelings to Bang Si Hyuk, and that he felt betrayed.

3. V’s quick and honest answer

4. Jin complaining about the choreography

5. Jungkook’s simple, yet funny drawing of Bang Si Hyuk

6. J-Hope’s impersonation of Bang Si Hyuk

7. Jin calling out Bang Si Hyuk for being cheap

Bang Si Hyuk tried to explain himself and hilariously put the blame on the managers.

8. The drawing

J-Hope was attempting to draw Bang Si Hyuk, but V and Jimin had a different answer in their heads.

J-Hope attempted to explain the version of Bang Si Hyuk he drew.

J-Hope and V ended up apologizing to Bang Si Hyuk, but Jimin had other ideas.

9. Jin complaining about the “Dope” choreography.

Jin once opened up to Bang Si Hyuk about his honest wishes for the choreographies.

Once the “Dope” choreography came out, Jin felt backstabbed by Bang Si Hyuk.

10. Disobeying the rules

This isn’t so much of a diss towards Bang Si Hyuk, but Jin has been shown numerous times being his own man and not paying attention to the Big Hit Entertainment rules.