10 Gifs Of BTS’s Jin Being A Gentleman Around Females

Numbers 4 and 7 shows his true character.

BTS Jin‘s kind personality is quite well known, as many celebrities have shared their experiences of how polite Jin is.

Jin has also shown that he’s quite the gentleman when around females. Here’s a list of just a couple of moments when Jin showed off his great manners.

1. Jin apologizing right away

2. Jin bowing to everyone

3. Jin respecting Irene’s personal space

4. Asking if the woman’s feeling okay

This was a hidden camera prank on the BTS members, so they had no idea that the woman was faking her emotions. Jin still showed his kind personality by asking if she was okay.

5. Jin accidentally hitting a fan and making sure she’s okay

6. Jin giving some encouraging compliments

7. Jin backing away immediately

This was a hidden camera prank by the other BTS members, where they had a woman sleeping inside the room Jin was supposed to go to. As soon as Jin saw the woman, he backed away so that she couldn’t be filmed.

8. Jin comforting a crying fan

9. Jin taking over for an emotional Solbin

10. Jin giving compliments