10 Gifs Of BTS’s Jin And RM Bickering…To The Point They Look Like An Old Married Couple

Jin thinks that they’re eternal rivals.

BTS‘s RM and Jin have quite a unique relationship, where a lot of times, they are seen being affectionate towards each other.

Other times, they are bickering with each other over the simplest things. Here are 10 gifs that shows their unique relationship.

1. The eternal rivals

2. Arguing about measurements

Source: Namjin Edits/YouTube

3. A strange compliment from Jin

Source: Kookies And Cream/YouTube 

4. RM questioning Jin’s drawing skills

5. RM being forgetful

6. Pushing incident

RM once accidentally pushed Jin during a performance.

Source: Namjin Edits/YouTube  

Jin didn’t appreciate RM for his actions.

Source: Namjin Edits/YouTube  

7. RM getting too excited

8. RM annoying Jin

Source: Namjin Edits/YouTube 

9. The pose

Source: Namjin Edits/YouTube

10. The dance competition

Jin is quick to point out that RM made a mistake during the choreography.

RM had a quick response to Jin’s claim, and it was quite savage.