10+ Gifs Of BTS’s Jungkook Being A Brat And Teasing His Hyungs

Jungkook can be quite the savage to his hyungs.

BTS‘s Jungkook has never been shy about showing love to his hyungs.

Jungkook also shows love to his hyungs by constantly teasing them, but the members can never get mad at their maknae. Here are 10+ gifs of Jungkook being a brat and constantly teasing the older members.

1. Dissing Jin’s age

2. Spraying J-Hope

3. Imitating RM’s dancing

The imitation didn’t stop for Jungkook.

4. Dissing Jimin’s height

5. Suga’s words aren’t important?

6. Carrying V away

7. Comparing J-Hope to a horse

8. Getting up close to RM

9. Getting revenge on V

V initially pulls a little prank on Jungkook.

This leads to some unfortunate events for V.

10. Imitating Suga’s dancing

11. Quick response to Jin

12. Imitating Jimin’s dancing