Here Are 10+ Gifs Of BTS’s Suga Being Relatable AF

If you’re an introvert, Suga might be your spirit animal.

BTS‘s Suga is a great performer on stage, and his love for music is one to be admired.

He’s almost a completely different person off stage and has never been shy to admit to it. A YouTube channel by the name of “Squishy Min Yoongi” compiled a list of relatable moments from Suga. Here are 10+ moments of Suga being a complete mood and being relatable AF, especially for introverts.

1. Always being tired

2. Constant hunger

3. Needing to lie down

4. The struggle of no Wi-Fi

5. Getting excited over a nap

6. Seeing the sun

7. The struggle of comfort

8. Priorities

9.  Don’t stress too much

10. Living life

11. Not wanting to interact with people

12. Wanting to go home

Here is the full video below!