Here Are 10 Gifs Of Girls’ Generation Being Queens And Savagely Dissing Super Junior’s Heechul

Not many people can stand up against Heechul.

Super Junior‘s Heechul is known for his honest personality and his ability to just diss people out of nowhere.

There are very few celebrities who can diss Heechul back, but the members of Girls’ Generation have never been afraid to clap back at Heechul. Here are 10 gifs of Girls’ Generation standing up to Heechul’s playful disses.

 1. Telling him to be quiet

2. Secretly “cursing” at him

3. Vent-up frustration

4. Not a fan of his humor

5. Telling him to sit down

6. Almost exposing Heechul

7. Warning him

8. Getting disappointed

9. Him faking his rumors

10. “Revealing” his past

Here is the full video below!

Girls' Generation

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