10+ Gifs That Might Have You Questioning EXO Xiumin’s Age

Xiumin is EXO’s fake maknae.

Xiumin is the eldest member in EXO, but his cute appearance can make him appear as if he’s the maknae.

Xiumin is currently 30 years old (international age), but he’s had many moments when he appeared to look much younger. Here are 10+ gifs of Xiumin being EXO’s “fake maknae“, which might have you questioning his real age.

1. Xiumin doing his Sohee impersonation

2. Xiumin being tired

3. Fun?

4. Xiumin’s “threat”

5. Getting excited

6. Looking into the camera

7. Looking like a fairy

8. His smile

9. Looking into the camera

10. His cute headwear

11. Wanting to get picked

12. His cheeks

13. Dancing in a penguin suit

Bonus: This legendary moment