10+ GIFs That Prove BLACKPINK’s Rosé Makes Everything She Eats Look Delicious!

These foodie moments of Rosé will make you hungry!

By now, pretty much all Blinks are well aware that BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a huge foodie! Rosé loves food so much that she’s even teared up over a tasty dish before! Whatever it is she’s eating, Rosé’s adorable reactions always make it look so delicious!

Here are 10+ gifs that prove Rosé makes everything she eats look delicious!

1. Her little dance!

Rosé’s little dance she does to express how good the food taste is literally the cutest thing you’ll ever witness.

| 한밤 HANBAM/YouTube

2. She values every bite

Rosé’s expression when she realizes she might have dropped some crumbs…you can feel her pain.


3. She looks like a little kid enjoying their snack!

Rosé is absolutely adorable! She really proves herself as the second-youngest member of the group! The way she’s curled up in a ball clearly enjoying her snack makes you want to have a snack as well!


4. She’s just eating toast, yet, she makes it look delicious!

Even just eating a simple toast, Rosé’s reaction makes you crave some as well.


5. Blackpink House was full of Rosé foodie moments!

There are several reasons why you should watch Blackpink house! For one, all of the members are hilarious and charming, and also, there is plenty of adorable foodie moments from Rosé.


6. Are you guys getting hungry?

No matter what she eats, she makes it look tasty!


7. Her members feeding her is the cutest

I guess all one needs to make Rosé happy is to feed her some yummy food!


8. She’s in a whole other word

When she’s eating, it looks like it’s the only thing she’s focusing on is how incredible her food taste. Now that’s the way to appreciate your food!

9. Rosé loves her veggies

As many Blinks know, salad is one of Rosé’s favorite foods! For those who don’t like eating their greens, this gif of Rosé enjoying her salad might make you want to give them another try!


10. Her expression when she realizes how good the food is

You can tell by her facial expression that she found her food delicious.


11. Corn never looked yummier

Does anyone else crave corn now? Corn probably isn’t the first thing you’d crave but after seeing Rosé’s happy reaction from eating one, she makes you want to go out and buy some for yourself.


12. Alright, goodbye. I’m going to grab a snack!

By now your stomach has probably growled a ton and also made you crave everything Rosé ate in all these foodie moments of her! Hopefully, you can find something to eat that will make you want to cry over its yummy flavors like Rosé at this moment!