BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals The Hilarious Reason She Cried In Thailand

Rosé is known to be sensitive, but this reaction takes the cake 😂

As part of promotions for her hit solo debut with “On the Ground”, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is set to appear as a guest panelist on SBS‘s variety show My Little Old Boy. In a preview clip, she revealed the hilarious reason why she once cried in Thailand.

Among the BLACKPINK members, Rosé is known as the sensitive soul who cries the most easily. Sometimes, she cries because she’s touched (for example, when Lisa’s parents prepared a meal for the members). Other times, she cries because she’s sad, such as when her pet goldfish died. But one time she cried was so hilarious, the My Little Old Boy hosts wanted to get the full story.

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Rosé started with some necessary background information: she’s a big fan of eating vegetables. That should come as little surprise to hardcore BLINKs, as Rosé once revealed that one of her favorite foods is salad.

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The budding soloist went on to reveal that when she went to Thailand, she happened to order a meal that contained bean sprouts—a popular vegetable in Asian cuisine. At lower-end restaurants, bean sprouts are sometimes served thin and limp. But recalling the bean sprouts she ordered in Thailand, Rosé gushed over how “fresh“, “thick“, and “crunchy” they were.

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They were the tastiest bean sprouts I’ve ever had.

— Rosé

While most diners would have enjoyed the dish with a smile, Rosé’s emotions took her one step further. “When I eat good food,” she admitted, “I get quite emotional sometimes“—a fact Jisoo once divulged about her. Ultimately, the bean sprouts were so delicious, Rosé ended up bursting into tears!

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I couldn’t stop my tears from running down because those bean sprouts were just too good.

— Rosé

Unsurprisingly, the My Little Old Boy hosts were incredulous at Rosé’s story, but she held firm that the bean sprouts really were that delicious. If you’re ever in Thailand, Rosé recommended trying them yourself to experience the hype in person.

| SBS NOW / SBS 공식 채널/YouTube

Source: SBS News


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