10 Glorious Moments Of BTS’s Jungkook Rocking The “Wet Hair” Look…You’ll Be Jungshook

All of these, especially #9, will make you thirst for more. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

ARMYs are in love with how BTS‘s Jungkook seems to pull off any hairstyle.

And the group’s fandom is especially enamored with the sexy and confident vibes that the group’s maknae is giving off, every time he rocks the “wet hair” look. Here are 10 glorious moments of Jungkook with his “wet hair” look.

Get yourself a glass of water before going through this list — trust us, you’re absolutely going to need it.

1. Secret’s out — Jungkook is actually the lost paradise

Have you ever heard of “Atlantis”, the lost paradise that thousands of divers search for under the sea? There’s no factual proof that it exists, but who needs this place when Jungkook’s existence is already heaven on earth?

2. If looking at this moment doesn’t make you thirsty…

…you’re lying to yourself and to the rest of the ARMYs worldwide.

3. His wet hair + intense stare + sharp jawline = perfect recipe for destruction of ARMYs

4. How dare he?

How can someone look so pure and masculine at the same time?

5. This duality is confusing

It’s like you want to protect him, but you want him to protect you, too.

6. Jungkook stans, how are you holding up?

The wet hair is already fatal enough — the red highlights are just there to torture you more.

7. If you can listen closely…

…you can hear the sound of ARMYs searching for “how to be a mic” on Google.

8. Nothing to see here, just a wild Jungkook in his element

9. Everything in this picture is sculpted to resemble the facial structure of a Greek god

10. Jungkook knows

He knows how much ARMYs love the wet hair look — why else would he continue to style his hair like this, right?

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