10 Heart-Fluttering Moments When Kim Soo Hyun Made Our Jaws Drop And Served Us With Perfect Boyfriend Visuals

#8 is so relatable — it’s what your boyfriend likes to send you during work!

Current fans of popular Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun may know him as a doting and loving younger brother in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

…while long-time fans of Soo Hyun may be more familiar with his role as a cool, calm and collected “alien” who fell in love with an actress in My Love From The Star.

Whichever role you know him, though, you really can’t deny that Kim Soo Hyun’s visuals are top-notch!

This, along with this amazing talent in acting, of course, is the reason his name is such a famous name that is known in virtually every household in Korea.

Now, Soo Hyun may be the perfect package when it comes to being an actor, but is his visual fitting for a “boyfriend look”, too? Check out these 10 pictures below and find out for yourself!

1. Being delighted because you brought his favorite snack on set

2. Taking a snapshot of him as he’s taking a selfie

3. Cold winter? No problem — his cozy sweater will keep you warm!

4. Enjoying your alone time as a couple in the local coffee shop

5. Thinking of the kind of flower that he’s going to buy for you

6. Sending you a selfie with an intense “smoldering look” here…

7. …and also here!

8. Sending you a cute selca while he’s busy working, as a way to apologize for not being able to pick you up

9. Staring into your eyes while you take a model shot of him

10. Candid shot — but you know that he knows you’re taking it!

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