10+ Heartwarming Gifs Of Jin Being BTS’s Hyung And Taking Care Of The Members

Despite his funny personality, Jin is a very caring hyung to BTS.

BTS‘s Jin is the eldest member of the group, but his playful personality usually doesn’t make him appear this way.

Despite his playful personality, Jin has also displayed many moments where he’s taking care of the other members. Here are 10 heartwarming moments of Jin being BTS’s hyung.

1. Volunteering to stroll Jungkook

2. Getting worried about J-Hope

3. Taking care of Suga

4. Being concerned about Jimin

5. Not wanting V to cry

6. Checking to see if RM’s okay

7. Cooking for the other members

8. Volunteering to stroll Jungkook (again)

9. Telling others to help J-Hope

10. Buying food for the other members

11. Getting concerned about Jungkook

Jin even offers to help Jungkook in any way he can.

12. Subtle actions can go a long way

13. Making sure V was okay