10 Heartwarming Moments Between Idols And Their Managers

We’re so glad they have each other.

A true K-Pop fan knows the beauty and the value of a good, strong manager by an idol’s side. These managers look after their idols — keeping them as glamorous as they are. Without the dedication from these managers, K-Pop idols would not be able to survive the chaos that is the entertainment industry. And these 10 stars have been blessed with the most caring staff and fans appreciate their closer-than-family relationships! Check out their most heartwarming moments.


1. IU Hooking Her Manager Up With A Photo Op With Red Velvet

Knowing her manager is a huge Reveluv, IU asked Red Velvet for a quick picture time so she can make his fan boy dreams come true.


2. BTS’s Jin Finding Shelter In His Manager’s Arms

When all the love and attention became too much for BTS‘s Jin at the airport, he turned to his manager to find shelter and hide his tomato-red blushing face.


3. AOA’s Manager Customizing Members’ Blankets

When winter hit, AOA‘s manager wanted a special way to keep the members warm — so she customized these blankets for each member with iconic patches.


4. SEVENTEEN’s Manager Watching The Members Sleep

SEVENTEEN‘s manager was once spotted watching over all 13 members taking quick naps. Only when he felt like everyone was happy and relaxed, he got some shuteye too!


5. TWICE’s Momo Squeezing In Workouts For Her Managers

TWICE‘s Momo has always taught her managers how to do their choreographies. This is, of course, for fun and all — but it also could be her effort to keep the managers healthy and working out!


6. NCT’s Manager Pitching In To Prank Mark

When NCT members decided to pull a big prank of Mark for his birthday, NCT’s managers played a big part in making things seem as natural as possible!


7. Apink’s Manager Substituting For Eunji

Apink‘s manager once casually graced the stage and pulled off all of Eunji‘s moves at this rehearsal.


8. MONSTA X’s Manager Serving Moves For Monbebes

When Monbebes wanted to see MONSTA X perform “Fighter” at a fan meeting, they convinced the manager to serve moves and share the spotlight!


9. Chungha’s Manager Celebrating Chungha’s Win

Chungha‘s manager kept her end of the promise when Chungha won #1 with “Gotta Go”. From the full outfit to the lit choreography, she was serious about the celebration!


10. N.Flying’s Manager Putting Up With 2IDIOTS

N.Flying‘s Jaehyun and Chahoon invited their manager on set for a video to go on their 2IDIOTS YouTube channel. Watch how the manager slowly freezes to death, all in the name of love and dedication for the members!

Source: Reddit